Friday, August 1, 2014

Poems 💕

So sorry for not being on in so long :/
Moving on, when I'm really emotional I need to express it someway. It's usually through yelling, crying ect. But when I'm alone, I write songs and poems. The songs are much too private to show. Nice try :p
I have no friends,
 I've lost them all,
 I never bother to catch them
 when they fall.
I'm done with all of that stuff where no one cares
 or when friends lie
or friends aren't there
When I'm mad I'm mad and i have to get it out.
 Whether it's friends or that kid who annoys me so much,
or maybe it's you
but that's just bad luck.
No I'm not sorry for my actions
because it's time to show my true colors.
You would see them one way or another.
Sooner is better than later
 It stops you from making the age old mistake,
 of becoming my friend
which is the icing on the cake.
No I won't cry, because no one would actually care if I died,
and I'm fine with that.
Don't bother to reach me anytime soon,
you won't hear from me
there's your clue.
 I'll be too idiotic  to answer,
just like they all say.
 Being a malevolent is something I'll play.
All in all, I'm not sad
or mad,
I'm just the worst friend and way too fake.
тнєяє αяє ѕσмє тнιиgѕ ιи ℓιfє уσυ ʝυѕт ¢αит тαкє.
ѕσмєтιмєѕ ι ωσи∂єя ωну ι єνєи тяу.
ЯƎᗰᎥИᎠ У⚙υЯᔕƎℓƒ ✞ℍᗩ✞ Ꭵ✞'ᔕ ⚙ƘᗩУ И⚙✞ ✞⚙ ᏰƎ ƤƎЯƒƎᑕ✞.💕
The tears will never stop,
Nor will my heart that beats for you,
And only you.
You finish my puzzle,
Which was missing all but one piece.
It fits perfectly in place,
As if it were meant to be.
You fill the emptiness,
Inside of my heart.
You've patched it up,
After it twice fell apart.
You've healed all of my scars
And prevented more from composing
atop the cracks of my worn skin.
With you,
I don't feel alone.
With you,
I feel at home.
No poetry or song could describe the way I feel.
No explanation to why or how
You make me whole.
A day without you,
Is but a millennia for me.
I'll hold on tighter than your hold on me.
Until the sun dares not to rise once more
Death will fall upon all of thee;
And life as we know it is gone for shore.
All should disappear;
Non shall be left.
You will have remembrance in my mind.
I have loved you since the world began
And I'll love you until the end of time.
What'd you think? ASDFHAFS why do I write when I'm emotional. I'm weird. 
Anyways, I gtg before this gets too too long.
~Melody Page

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