Sunday, March 30, 2014

The A-to-Z Challenge

A-to-z Challenge.

So we promised something special, and here it is. The video will explain mostly everything, so check it out on our YouTube channel Mary Mac & Melody Page. Credit to the creators of A-z-challenge. check them out at Also go to that site to find out more info on the subject. If you have questions for us please email us at or leave a comment down below. Enjoy the video. :)

~Mary Mac
~Melody Page

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sleepover Time!


So we are having a sleepover, and in case your wondering what girls do at sleepovers, we'll tell you.
~ Laugh A LOT
~ Talk about whatever comes to our minds, secrets and all.
~ Listen to music
~ Sing really loudly to said music.
~ Write our own music and sing that really loudly
~ Read/Write
~ Make YouTube videos.
~ Watch YouTube
~ In our case we blog!
~ Paint our nails (sometimes)
~ Watch movies.
~ Play games.
~ Sleep (haha lol not really)
~ Tell stories, funny, scary, romantic, whatever.
~ Daydream
~ One word; GOOGLE

Ya so that's what we are doing right now. Check out our blog again tomorrow for a vey special announcement. Thanks for reading! Comment down below what you do at sleepovers. Please follow us if you like our blog :)

~Mary Mac
~Melody Page

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Young Beliefs

I just realized that when I was younger, I had a lot of strange beliefs, so I made a list with most of them. Enjoy!

Stupid thing I used to think when I was little

  • I controlled the wind through my breathing
  • The moon followed me
  • Street/stop lights open up and midgets would climb inside and control it. (I used to ask my mom how people got up there)
  • Car turn signals worked by themselves
  • Black and white movies were filmed in black and white because the world had no color. 
  • When you lie or your mom 'thinks' your lying but your not and your mom says stick out your tongue and she's says "It's got a black dot, your lying." and I wold look in the mirror and say "Its not black!" and she'd say "Only I can see it."
  • Drinking and driving, I thought it meant all drinks and food
  • Evil monsters hide under my bed and try to grab my legs every time I get off
  • Peanut free zone- that everyone was allowed to eat peanuts and they were given out for free
  • I used to have to eat food in pairs so they wouldn't be alone and I couldn't leave one by its self un eatin because it would get lonely 
  • Stuffed animals could move and talk when I'm not around 
  • People would stand inside vending machines and get the stuff you wanted
  • Humans were toys and giants would play with us and we had no free will and the giants would control us
  • That everything in our lives were recorded by tiny cameras 
  • When you play patty-cake you mark it with a bee not a b for baby (like the stinger)
  • people born on leap years would only age every 4 yrs
  • that when i turn off the shower water I had to rush out because when the water would stop lightning would try to get me
  • An airplane will crash into your house unless you hold your breath
  • I made up the word munchkin and that it was like animal crackers but called munchkins
  • When I spun around, my house was 'magically' teleported to space
  • If I did a 360, left would change from right 
  • There was an alternate universe competition and I was always first.
I can't believe why I thought about this stuff when I was little, or why I believed it. ASDFGHJL. I'm hoping I wasn't the only one who thought this. Thanks for reading. TTYL
~Melody Page

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Writing SOL Part 1

 Grab Your Pencils Everybody, It's Time To Write!

At my school we take standardized tests at the end of the year to make sure we learned all the stuff we were supposed to learn. Today, the eighth grade students took the first part of their writing SOL (the writing SOL is only in fifth and eighth grade). The first part was multiple choice. Basically, I had to sit and take a really long test about proper grammar and spelling. It was insanely boring, but easy. However, you don't just get to leave when you're finished. You have to wait for either the whole class to be done, or for the next block to start. Each block is about an hour and thirty minutes. I finished my test in about 45 minutes, which is pretty quick for an SOL. That's not necessarily a good thing though, because I didn't go back and check my answers fifty times like the teachers want, but I'll risk it. That meant that I had to sit in the silent computer lab reading for 45 minutes after I finished the long test. Normally, I would love to read for that long, but I was pretty much falling asleep after that test and it was kind of hard to focus on my book while I was trying to not fall asleep. Next week we have to take the actual writing portion of the writing SOL. Lucky me, I get to write a long essay on a prompt that I don't get to chose Whoohoo!!! Yeah, it's not that great. Did I mention that I hate writing essays? After I take the next portion of the test I'll post something on that.

In other news, I did really good on a hard Spanish assignment that I thought I wouldn't do well on. Also, just a couple of days ago I got hooked on a TV show called Teen Wolf. It's about a high school guy who gets bitten by a werewolf and then turns into a werewolf and has to deal with werewolf drama. The werewolf guys' best friend is named Stiles and he is an awesome character. He is so absent minded and smart at the same time that it's very funny.

Comment down below if you watch teen wolf, or if you have to take long tests like mine :) Also, please follow our blog. Thanks.

~Mary Mac

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Old Stories

I wanted to try something new on this blog (And I didn't really know what to write about) so, I'm going to post a story I wrote in approximately 4th grade for an assigned writing, and I'm going to blog my initial reaction. Let me know what you think!


        "If I  was suddenly able to fly I would fly as much as I could.  I would fly high and low. Maybe even fast and slow.  Heck I would fly like I’m at Kings Dominion on an imaginary  roller coaster.  But my grandma would say in her starchy voice “ its not a talent it’s a gift. Not just a gift on Christmas or one you buy, it’s one you earn.”  My  sister thinks I’m  cRaZy just because I try to keep it a secret. But I’m not, she is. I try to keep it a secret because I don’t want to have a mob of scientists chasing after me like a dog going after a treat. Believe me I’ve tried it once but, never again would I let my secret out.

     If I could fly anywhere here’s what I would do… After I fly around doing loop de loops and  all that fun  I would fly to Richmond and show my cousin  my cool tricks. She would be jealous . Although she can’t fly like me I still love her. Or if I found a lost child or dog, I would pick them up to go and  drop them off at their home. If there is a poster of an animal or something lost I would find them and  bring them home. For the summer I would be a life guard.  It would be easy to save someone drowning with my powers. But at the end of the day I would go home. Maybe I would take a nap.
        Some days I would do loop-de-loops as big as a sky scraper. Sometimes to have some fun I would dress up  as a bird and make people say it’s a bird , it’s a plane , no it’s Superman. But really they were right the first time. Wait, I’m  not a bird, I’m a human.  Wait.  Am I ?    

My favorite part about flying  would be helping people.  When you do nice things for other people it makes you feel good.  Also it might scare people less when they find out my secret about flying.  Besides that I would probably fly to school.  Then I would fly home from school and fly to Girl Scouts and horse back riding lessons and where ever I would want to go.  I think flying would be much more fun than walking, riding a bike, running, or riding in a car.   

If I were really good at flying I might be able to try out for flying competitions.  If I was not the only flyer then I could race other people and see who could do the best loop-de-loop.  Hopefully I could be the fastest flyer.  That would make me very proud."  

Well, I can definitely tell a young kid wrote it. It has a very child-like aspect to it. I did some very "cRaZy" things in this. Lets start out with the Pros.

  • Correct usage of figurative language, which I was somewhat surprised considering I had no idea what that was at the time. (Paragraph one, sentence 4 & 9, Paragraph three, sentence 1)
  • Good tone/ voice, you can tell what the writers [my] personality was like.
  • Somewhat descriptive
  • Used adequate vocabulary
  • Very "cute" way of stating things
  • That's deep ---> "But my grandma would say in her starchy voice “ its not a talent it’s a gift. Not just a gift on Christmas or one you buy, it’s one you earn.”
  • Had a lot of confidence
  • I liked the little rhyme in paragraph one
  • "cRaZy" would not be acceptable
  • ineffective repetition
  • The word 'something' bothers me ---> "If there is a poster of an animal or something lost I would find them and  bring them home."
  • Sounds like I have ADD, switched from one topic to another quickly with no transition
  • This also bugs me, and seems very ADD "Sometimes to have some fun I would dress up  as a bird and make people say it’s a bird , it’s a plane , no it’s Superman. But really they were right the first time. Wait, I’m  not a bird, I’m a human. Wait. Am I ?"
In conclusion, It wasn't the worst thing a fourth grader could write. In fact, it was very cute. My favorite sentence in this is "I try to keep it a secret because I don’t want to have a mob of scientists chasing after me like a dog going after a treat." I thought that the figurative language was very effective and sophisticated. I had quite a few errors in this piece, though they can be easily resolved. 

I'm trying many new things for this blog, let me know what you think. I didn't realize until later that I have a writing SOL tomorrow, and this was a practice SOL writing type thing. What a coincidenceASDFGHJKL, I hated reading this considering I'm a grammar nazi sometimes and I'm a tad OCD, but it was fun to look back. TTYL.
~Melody Page

Gym Annoyances

Gym Girls

I'm one of those seriously competitive athletes who plays absolutely everything to win; rock paper scissors, to softball. So, the girls who do their hair in the middle of a game really annoy me (no offense meant). The other day I accidentally hit a girl on my team in the head with a basketball. She had her hands behind her head. In the heat of the game I didn't realize that she was doing her hair. So, when I passed it to her she kind of tried to jump out of the way, but she didn't quite get out of the way, and the basketball hit her. There's also those girls who just plain refuse to play, and it's kind of annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love playing extra, but just for the record, running around for an hour and a half non stop gets really exhausting, especially with no water breaks. Over the past few months I have gotten so used to playing non-stop in gym, that it doesn't phase me any more.Of course, not all girls are the type of girls who sit on the bench and whine about sweating, but my gym class only has about eight girls, so when four of them refuse to play it becomes problematic.


The other thing about gym that is annoying is that no one ever plays by the rules. One of my biggest pet peeves ever is when I'm (or my team's) playing a game totally fair and then the other person (or team) wins because they don't follow the rules. I've probably fouled many people in gym and it's gone unnoticed, but I don't purposely try to cheat or foul anyone. And if I do accidentally run into somebody who's taking a shot or something I always apologize. But, there are people who will literally shove people over (their team, or the opposing team) completely on purpose and never get caught, EVER. It is so annoying. Don't even get me started on double dribbling and traveling and not tagging up. Some people just refuse to follow rules. People not following the rules, especially people on my team, make playing a fair clean game very hard, and very frustrating.

Comment down below if you have experienced gym troubles and tell us what they are. We will respond :) Also follow our blog please! Thanks.

~Mary Mac

Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Snow Day

Another Snow Day

At first the snow days were so awesome because we kept on getting out of school. I'm not kidding when I say that in the month of January we literally had one full week of school. Now, the snow days are getting annoying. I hate the cold so I am getting a serious case of spring fever at the moment. Plus, the snow days now are messing up my SOL (standards of learning) test for writing which is this week; yikes! Every snow day, me and my friends that live on my street go out to the hill behind our houses and sled. The last time we all went sledding, my friend Ali ended up getting hit in the head with a sled because she threw snow at my other friend who then proceeded to hit her in the head. I'm not kidding, we got it all on video tape. It was pretty funny to watch. The thing I love the most about snow days is hot chocolate. I have no idea how I would make it through the snow without hot cocoa. I love sitting at my table drinking warm, delicious, hot cocoa with marshmallows in it. YUM.

On a completely different topic, today is Saint Patrick's day! The national day to wear green and pinch people who aren't wearing green. Right now the leprechauns are buried under six inches of snow so they won't be an issue. I don't know if you guys have any weird traditions on Saint Patrick's day, but my family does. Every year we make green rice. Yes, you read it right, green rice. Basically, we put food coloring into the pot of rice and, tada! Green rice.  Comment down below about your holiday traditions. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, wear green and don't get pinched.

~Mary Mac

Earphone rant~ Happy St. Patricks day!

Isn't it a normal teenage thing to listen to music ALL the time? Well if it's not, I have a major problem with my life. Anyhow, I have a few "pet peeves" when I do listen to music with earphones:

Somehow, when I put my perfectly unknotted, untwisted, earphones down on a table, five seconds later when I go to pick them up agian, they have somehow managed to tie themselves in 27 different knots. #teenagerproblems 

When I put my earphones in my ears and I forget to plug them into my device. Basically my music just plays to the whole room I'm in. 

When your listening to music, and your ears start hurting because of your earphones.

When Pandora runs your battery down really quickly. 

When your earphones stop working in one ear.

When your earphones won't work unless you twist or move the wire around in odd fashions.

When your wearing earphones and you drop your device, so they rip out of your ears.

When you have your hands full and your device is next to you on the table, while you have earphones in, you have to try to stretch to where you want to go, so you don't pull it off the table, and you can still listen to music. ( I listen to music on my iPad, and there is usually no where to put it when I'm trying to put food in the fridge or something)

When you forget you have earphones in, while your device is on the table, so you just walk away... You can see how this ends.

These were just a few, out of the many problems I have with earphones. ASDFHJKL it's so annoying. Happy St. Patricks day! Apparently thats what I was supposed to write this post on, but all I can say about that, is wear green, my nationality is mostly Irish, and if your not wearing green, stay away from hands; you might get pinched! Thanks for reading! TTYL,
~Melody Page

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My First Post!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, Mary here. So my friend Melody and I have decided to start a blog about our lives as teenage girls, because being a teenage girl has its ups and its downs. Plus, we always have something on our minds to talk about. We are going to post on this blog at least two times a week. We are going to try to have the same topic, but we are each going to write our own spin on it. For example, if the topic was Saint Patrick's Day, then I might talk about leprechauns and she might talk about the different shades of green. Of course, there will always be those times when we won't have a set topic and just each blog about whatever random thing comes to our minds that day.

So, in this first post I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Mary, I'm 13 years old, and in the eight grade. My favorite sport is softball, my favorite color is green, my favorite holiday is Christmas, I hate the cold, my favorite school subject is Spanish, and my least favorite school subject is math. I have a little brother, no pets :( and I seriously love fedoras. My favorite TV show is A&E's Duck Dynasty, followed closely by Fox's Master Chef. I am energetic, talkative, social, crazy, athletic, and very unorganized. My favorite things to do are to hang out with my friends, play softball, eat food, play guitar, and read and write.If I could go anywhere, I would go to Colorado and learn how to snowboard. If I were stranded on a dessert island with one person and three things, I would have a boat, water, and food, and the person I would have with me is Melody, because she would be the one to tell me not to do any of my many stupid ideas. I am the worlds biggest klutz, my favorite food is chocolate, I love superheros, and my favorite book is Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling.

On the topic of Harry Potter, I am a true Gryffindor. I have taken every sorting hat quiz out there, and gotten Gryffindor 95% of the time. Prisoner of Azkaban (third book in the series) is by far my favorite of the series and my favorite characters are the Weasley twins.

Please leave a comment down below about what you guys think we should post about, and be sure to follow us if you like our blog. :)

~Mary Mac

About Melody

Well, Mary had another one of her crazy ideas again. If you are going to see our blogs, you'll probably see a pattern with that. Apparently this week she's been talking about running a business in a blimp with tigers and a shark. I don't know, half the time I zone out when she's talking because its normally got nothing to do with reality and she talks about some weird stuff. I don't know. Its probably best to just smile and nod. 

Anyways, welcome to our new blog! This is my first post. It's really nothing much and I legitimately have no idea what to talk about. All is good in the world though. 8th grade SOLs are coming up for english. Dang, this year has gone by so fast! Well anyways let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Melody, (my last name is protected for safety precautions), I entertain myself by drawing, playing guitar, instagramming, singing, riding horses, writing, reading, gaming, playing violin, volleyball, texting and hanging out with friends, going on youtube and now, apparently I'm a blogger

Youtube is my life now, I'm subscribed to so many channels, I don't even know any more. So for about a year, I had this 'I'm really into minecraft' kinda phase, where all I could do was watch minecraft and gameplay commentary ex. Chimneyswift, Ihascupquake, Skydoesminecraft. Later I moved onto the more 'vlogging-collab' channels such as Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, O2L, Casper Lee ect. I also love Pewdiepie and Markiplier. They are awesome. Also my favorite Tv shows at the moment are Duck Dynasty and The Walking Dead. I can't get enough! 

I love reading. If I were in Harry Potter I'd be a raven claw. I have 3 dogs, Casper, a Coton de Tulear, Lilly, a Standard Poodle and Saxon, a Komondor. I'm the clumsiest person in the whole entire world. I trip over my own feet, I get hit by parked cars, inanimate objects attack me and I walk into walls. 

I don't really know what to write on these blogs. Maybe some short stories? How my day was like? What's wrong with my life? Write about a topic? I don't really know. I guess what ever, I would want, though Mary might get mad at me for not doing what she had originally planned for this blog. What ever, I'll do what I want. 

Well anyways, I have no more time, because The Walking Dead is on, and I can't miss it for the life of me. ASDFHJKL. TTYL,

~Melody Page