Friday, August 1, 2014

Poems 💕

So sorry for not being on in so long :/
Moving on, when I'm really emotional I need to express it someway. It's usually through yelling, crying ect. But when I'm alone, I write songs and poems. The songs are much too private to show. Nice try :p
I have no friends,
 I've lost them all,
 I never bother to catch them
 when they fall.
I'm done with all of that stuff where no one cares
 or when friends lie
or friends aren't there
When I'm mad I'm mad and i have to get it out.
 Whether it's friends or that kid who annoys me so much,
or maybe it's you
but that's just bad luck.
No I'm not sorry for my actions
because it's time to show my true colors.
You would see them one way or another.
Sooner is better than later
 It stops you from making the age old mistake,
 of becoming my friend
which is the icing on the cake.
No I won't cry, because no one would actually care if I died,
and I'm fine with that.
Don't bother to reach me anytime soon,
you won't hear from me
there's your clue.
 I'll be too idiotic  to answer,
just like they all say.
 Being a malevolent is something I'll play.
All in all, I'm not sad
or mad,
I'm just the worst friend and way too fake.
тнєяє αяє ѕσмє тнιиgѕ ιи ℓιfє уσυ ʝυѕт ¢αит тαкє.
ѕσмєтιмєѕ ι ωσи∂єя ωну ι єνєи тяу.
ЯƎᗰᎥИᎠ У⚙υЯᔕƎℓƒ ✞ℍᗩ✞ Ꭵ✞'ᔕ ⚙ƘᗩУ И⚙✞ ✞⚙ ᏰƎ ƤƎЯƒƎᑕ✞.💕
The tears will never stop,
Nor will my heart that beats for you,
And only you.
You finish my puzzle,
Which was missing all but one piece.
It fits perfectly in place,
As if it were meant to be.
You fill the emptiness,
Inside of my heart.
You've patched it up,
After it twice fell apart.
You've healed all of my scars
And prevented more from composing
atop the cracks of my worn skin.
With you,
I don't feel alone.
With you,
I feel at home.
No poetry or song could describe the way I feel.
No explanation to why or how
You make me whole.
A day without you,
Is but a millennia for me.
I'll hold on tighter than your hold on me.
Until the sun dares not to rise once more
Death will fall upon all of thee;
And life as we know it is gone for shore.
All should disappear;
Non shall be left.
You will have remembrance in my mind.
I have loved you since the world began
And I'll love you until the end of time.
What'd you think? ASDFHAFS why do I write when I'm emotional. I'm weird. 
Anyways, I gtg before this gets too too long.
~Melody Page

Friday, June 27, 2014

Day Six of Seven; Book Review Week

Hey guys, so do to some technical difficulties (AKA my parents not letting me on the computer) I haven't been able to finish up book review week. This is my review I hope you like it.

 Link to the goodreads page for this book

One of the books that I read recently is Artemis Fowl, by Eoin Colfer. This book is about a evil genius named Artemis Fowl who's mom has gone crazy after his father left. He has a man servant named butler who is pretty much a ninja and can beat anything in a fight. Artemis is out for money becuase when his father left, the remaining Fowls lost a lot of their fortune. Artemis decides to trick fairies into giving him gold by kidnapping one of their captains and holding her hostage. However, not all goes just as the genius boy planned it to go, and soon after he kidnaps fairy captain, Holly Short, things start to go downhill for the young mastermind.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good fantasy read that isn't to long and isn't to short. The characters are well developed and very well thought out. The description is amazing, while I was reading it, it was almost like I was in the very room that Artemis was in, plotting my next move to capture the fairy's gold.

Thanks for reading :)
~Mary Mac

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day Five of Seven; Book Review Week

Today's review is written by Lily, and is of the book, Dreamland, by Sarah Dessen. I hope you guys enjoy. Comment your thoughts below.


Dreamland by Sarah Dessen:
Review by, Lily

    "Dreamland" by Sarah Dessen is a suspenseful and intriguing book for a more mature audience. 
    This book follows Caitlin through her experience being in a relationship with Rogerson Biscoe. Rogerson is nothing like any boy she's ever known. He's magnetic and compelling, but once you rip away his misunderstood bad boy exterior, Rogerson is a dangerous, controlling psychopath. 
     He doesn't like Caitlin talking to other people, and if she's even a couple of minutes late meeting him, well then, she's in BIG trouble. Rogerson expects Caitlin to blow off everyone else for him and to cut herself off from the people who care about her. 
    "Dreamland" shows the harsh reality's of abusive and controlling relationships. This book, full of twists and turns, draws you in and doesn't let you go. Unlike books such as the popular Fanfiction, "After" and the best seller, "Fifty Shades of Gray," Sarah Dessen gives a realistic portrayal of these type of toxic relationships in this tear-jerking novel. Votes "An ALA Best Book for Young Adults," read "Dreamland" today!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day Four of Seven; Book Review Week

Hey guys, back with day four of the infamous book review week! Hope you guys enjoy. Comment your thoughts down below. Also, please don't fall while reading this. And thanks to Ohan Finder, for today's review of The Gun Digest Book of the Tactical Rifle, by Patrick Sweeney.

~Mary Mac

The Gun Digest Book of the Tactical Rifle
Patrick Sweeney
Review by, Ohan Finder

For those looking for a new tactical long-arm, there are innumerable options. And while the
majority of the country is content with one of the literal hundreds or AR-15 systems that fill our
gun shops, police agencies, and 70-some percent of the military, some of us aren't. We want
something a little more compact, reliable, and/or powerful. And not many people can tell us about
these various less common weapon systems, because everybody has an AR. Thankfully, Pat
Sweeney has decided to change that with The Gun Digest Book of the tactical rifle.

From FALs to M14s, from FN SCARs--in both 5.56mm and 7.62mm--to Kel-Tec RFBs, AK-
47s (and 74s), SIG 556s, sniper rifles, PDWs, and more, Sweeney covers the complete range of
non-Stoner tactical rifles. (Excluding one piston-driven .308 AR, the LWRCI REPR, and lots
of pictures, he avoids them all together.) Sweeney shares his opinions on all of these weapons
after testing them extensively using techniques he learned as the Editor in Chief of Guns and
Ammo magazine. He also discusses their characteristics, capabilities, and components of these
weapon systems. Sweeney also discusses their drawbacks, including mechanical complexity, poor
accuracy, terrible triggers, and other negative aspects specific to the different models of rifle.

Finally, Sweeney explains the basics of field-stripping and maintaining one's weapon
Easily the most insightful chapter of Sweeney's masterpiece was the ammunition section. He
describes the ammunition choices for each of the major calibers, their advantages, and their
drawbacks. This is incredibly important as not every rifle will happily digest every type of ammo.
He also describes what to and not to use each flavor of projectile for. (Example: for 5.56x45mm
ammo, M855 is great for dealing with cars and other "hard" targets, however it just goes right
through the bad guy and does not kill him.)

One last selling point of this book is Pat Sweeney's wonderfully snarky anti-government humour.
He criticizes everybody!! No bias whatsoever. It is quite a refresher to hear negative comments
about our government in general, no matter who is/was running it.

Overall, I recommend this book to anybody who A) wants a new non-AR toy/tool, or B) is new at
this whole high-speed/low-drag tactical thing. For the latter, there is a nice chapter on tactics and
how to operate your weapon. For the former, it's always nice to have some insight before you buy.
Final words: keep shooting, read this book and go get a nice tactical rifle!

Day Three of Seven; Book Review Week

Here is Meredith's review of Beautiful Creatures, by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia. Hope you guys enjoy. Comment your thoughts down below :)

~Mary Mac

Beautiful Creatures       by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia
Review written by, Meredith
  This epic fantasy is a definite page turner. From beginning to end I was hooked!

    Lena Duchannes doesn't fit in and isn't welcome in Gatlin County. This is made very clear from the moment she starts Jackson High School and all that people say are "there goes old man Ravenwoods niece!"

  Lena definitely comes from an interesting family, but she has never had a friend. Until Ethan Wate. A born and bred Gatlin boy, Ethan's mother died last year in a car accident and every since then his father has retreated to his study and not come out. These two teenagers seem to click in more than one way. But when Ethan finds out that Lena is a caster, someone gifted with magical powers, can he protect her from being claimed by the dark on her 16th birthday?

Not only is this book very good and thrilling it is truly original. From the plot to the characters, Stohl and Garcia created a whole world. The dialect and setting truly speak to the read, its like you are living in Gatlin and feeling the struggles of a close-minded southern town.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Day Two of Seven: Book Review Week

Welcome readers to day two of book review week! Thanks to Annie for providing today's book review of Mara Daughter Of The Nile by Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw. Enjoy and comment :) Now to Annie.

~Mary Mac

Mara Daughter of the Nile
Review by, Annie

Romance, betrayal, suspense, and hidden identities can all be found in Mara Daughter of the Nile. This story revolves around Mara, a clever witty girl who quickly finds herself playing the role of a double spy for two opposing parties with each party supporting a contender for the Egytian throne. Unable. To keep a promise to herself, Mara finds herself falling Io e with one if her employers, the noble Sheftu, and starts to believe in his cause. But just when Mara is ready to offer Sheftu her service and heart, her duplicity is discovered and Mara is forced to make the choice between freedom and death.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day One of Seven; Book Review Week

Alright to start the week off, here is Micaela's book review of Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. Read, enjoy, comment your thoughts. Now to Micaela's Review

~Mary Mac

 Little Women Book Review
By, Micaela W

My book review today will be on the classic known as Little Women. This book follows the March’s, a quant family of six throughout life’s adventure. This book takes place in New England as the American Civil War rages on. As Mr. March leaves to fight for the North he leaves his 4 daughters Meg, Beth, Jo, and Amy and their mother to fend on their own. And as with all families shenanigans ensue.

As with all hailed classics, Little Women has earned its title with lovely traits galore. The writing pace is not the best, but what it lacks in pace it gains in immersion. The dialogue can be humorous at times, and at others endearing, or even heartbreaking. The characters are relatable and full of different personalities. Although at times the story can get dull it is worth it to read through it. Reviews vary although a great number of them are positive, with it being a break out from the normal views of domestic living it was an inspiration for a generation of women. With all that it’s obvious why Little Women is adored by many and given such praise.

Monday, June 9, 2014

BIg Announcement

I'm very proud to announce that next week, in celebration of the school year being over. Our blog will be having a book review week. This means that every day next week (including weekends) there will be a book review posted on our blog. Some of my friends have agreed to help me out and so we will also be having not one, but six guest writers joining our blog for the week.

I'm also sorry about how slow last month and this month have been compared to April, but please cut us some slack. It's been crazy studying for finals and the SOLS and we've been jam packed with homework and last minute projects. Expect more from us during the summer.

I myself am doing a book review for book review week so comment down below which book you guys think I should review, no promises though just in case I haven't read the book ;)

~Mary Mac

Saturday, May 31, 2014

30 Ways I Relieve Stress

Ways I relieve stress
    • Listen to music 
    • Hang out with friends
    • Cuddle with dogs
    • Play with dogs 
    • Smile
    • Watch funny youtube videos
    • Write
    • Read
    • Play violin
    • Pay guitar
    • Draw
    • Sing
    • exercise
    • Cry
    • Nap
    • Meditate
    • Go outside
    • Laugh 
    • Drink tea
    • Watch a favorite movie
    • Watch TV
    • Talk it out with someone (They may have the same problem)
    • Phone a friend
    • Write a list of whats on your mind (Once you write it down, may not be that bad)
    • Play a video game
    • Learn something new
    • Surf the internet
    • Browse instagram
    • Release oxytosin (Cuddling)
    • Look at pictures of baby animals
    • Hang out with family
    • Asses the stress
    • Problem solve
    • Eat yummy foods
    • Ride horses
    • Daydream
    • Do something useful 
    • Paint
    • Get a change in environment 
    • Go for a walk
ASJDKF My Very Good friend is undergoing a lot of stress right now, and I'm really worried about him, so I made this list, hoping it will help others :) Enjoy!
~Melody Page

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My 8th Grade Speech

Enjoy :) It went extremely well if you're wondering! 
Where will I be in 20 years? Where… will I be in 20 years? Ask yourself that question. Where will you, be in 20 years. Like many of you here, I have the exact same answer. I have no clue. To be honest, unless you were a psychic or a time traveler, you should have no clue at all. For all I know, I could be the inventor of the newest flying car or the person who finds the cure for cancer, or even a clerk at a store. Life cannot simply travel in a straightforward path. No, it must confuse all of mankind, and go wherever it pleases, no matter how many obstacles lay up ahead. That’s just life.
       I wish I could have told myself that a few weeks ago. I went through this phase I like to call an existential crisis. In which I just sat and thought for hours on end. Where am I going to be in life when I grow older? Is it even possible I will be able to keep up with today’s world? By the end of it, I was beginning to question my own existence in this universe and the meaning of my own life.
       I realize now that I, as a person, was born into this world to accomplish one thing and one thing only. It’s something that everyone strives for, even you. Even if you don’t know your looking for it (and most people still haven’t found it) this goal that every human in existence dreams of, is to live a good life. In order live a good life, you don’t need to have all of the fancy and newest technologies, or make the most money in the world (although that could certainly contribute to it) the only way to do it, is to do what ever makes you happy.
       I understand now that the way our world is structured is to guide every individual to do something great and worthwhile. Success I’ve found is almost always the key to happiness, for most people. If you realize that all of a sudden you aren’t too fond off your life, just take a step back and enjoy the little things. Appreciate everything in your existence right now. Embrace your friends and your family and the whole world around you. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and we, as humans don’t take advantage of that.

       In 20 years, no I have no idea where I’ll be. I don’t know what I’ll do, or where I’ll go. Maybe I’ll still be finding myself in the world at 33, but one thing I do know, is I will be enjoying every last second of my life and hanging on to those moments that make me happy. Although it’s always easier said than done, one saying you’ve always heard and will always hear is, that’s life.

ASJHKF I've been so freaking busy lately, so I haven't had a chance to post. Hope you enjoyed :)
~Melody Page

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial day (U.S.A)

Lets take today, or even just a brief moment of today to recognize the heroes of our countries and to honor those that died in war. After-all you did get Monday off so make it worthwhile! 
~Melody Page

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Eighth Grade Speech

Please leave me feedback. I enjoy hearing constructive criticism, and your comments are much appreciated! :)

Kings Court
Compromise; something we have been learning since kindergarten. It’s the middle ground, the in-between. I always thought that compromising was easy. But, that opinion changed when I had to compromise on something that I take a lot of pride in. That something happens to be my writing. And the people I had to compromise and work with, were two of my best friends.
It all starts in spectrum way back in November. For a project, my friends and I were assigned to write a play for our class. Us being the writers we are, we decided to write the whole thing out, then script it. In short, we ended up writing a 31 page, 13,500 word, story that took us seven months; in fact we just finished it up a couple weeks ago. However the path to the finish was riddled with trouble, and times that we had to compromise but didn’t know how without hurting one another’s feelings.
CHANGE SLIDE One of the biggest things we had to compromise was our time, and let me tell you that that was very hard for me. I am involved in a travel sport, and for those of you, who are too, you know how time consuming that is, for those of you who don’t just imagine almost every day having practices and playing, it’s a lot, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Also, I’m a very social person, and time with my friends is something I enjoy, but when time with my friends means sitting and focusing, it gets complicated. When we did meet up, we were usually at the library. The library, though, has lots of distractions, and my friends would get frustrated with me for not paying attention, or for not listening to them. At one point they even forced me to put noise cancelling headphones on so I wouldn’t be distracted.
In addition to time, the plot line and the characters were a huge compromise as well. Remember when I said we were writing the story to turn into a play? Well, before we even started, we had to decide who would play what part. The arguments were crazy, and sometimes didn’t make much sense, but compromises were somehow always reached. The plot line though, wasn’t as easy as the characters. There were arguments that lasted for day, and even now that we are done, there are still some things we haven’t really compromised on. For example, one of the people in the class that we are performing our play in, wanted a Platypus, and the play was in medieval times, where platypi are never really ever mentioned. One of my friends totally bought the idea, while my other friend and I were totally against it. Eventually, we came to an agreement that we would edit it out if we ever actually did something with the story, and we let her write it in. But, we still bother each other about it, even now that we’re done.
To wrap up, I would like to thank Meredith, Micaela, and our editor, Anna. Without their help there would be no story, and without a story I wouldn’t have been able to write my speech. They deserve a lot of credit, not only for their writing, but for teaching me that I’m not always right, and that compromising is the best solution to most arguments.

~Mary Mac


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Do something special for your mom, and if you are a mom, appreciate all the hard work you do. Today, for me it's a family day. I'm going to help my mom plant flowers in the front yard, help my grandma with something and maybe go on a hike. For Mother's Day, I got my mom some new bicycling gloves, because my parent go on the bike path a lot. I hope all of you have a fantastic Mother's Day! 
~Melody Page

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

8th grade dance

The 8th grade dance was SOOOOO Amazing! We danced all night (till 9 o'clock) to SUPER LOUD party music, which was sooo much fun! They even had a photo booth where you could dress up and get pictures with your friends and get the roll of pictures. SO FREAKING COOL! I can't believe I considered not going. I would have regretted that!
ASHDJKFS It was the best night of my life! Thanks for reading! TTYL!
~Melody Page

Eighth Grade Dance

So last friday, my school had our eighth grade dance. The theme for our dance was mardi gras, and when my friends and I showed up at the dance, the cafeteria was completly transformed from boring lunch room to amazing dancing room, They covered the walls in green, yellow, and purple streamers and there was a professional DJ and crazy lights everywhere. A lot of the grade showed up and it was pretty packed. I danced with a bunch of my friends, and we had a lot of fun.
In case you're wondering, I wore a coral, flowy, dress and white flat sandals. I even straightened my hair. My mom forced me to let her put makeup on me, because apparently makeup makes you look better, personally, I think it just made my eyelids look blue. Comment down below you dance stories, I would love to hear them. And as always, follow our blog if you like our posts. Thanks :)

~Mary Mac

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 26~ Z is for Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin)

I don't have much to say about Led Zeppelin except for they are sheer awesomeness. My favorite songs are Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven. Kashmir is just very energetic and intense, it's just so... beautiful *sniffles*  And Stairway to Heaven is Soooooooooooo gorgeous and beautiful. It makes me tear up every time I hear it because it brings back good memories. Check out Kashmir Here and Stairway to Heaven Here
Kashmir, Led Zeppelin

Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin
ASDSKJF I just love these songs so much! Anyways this is day twenty-six of the A-to-Z ChallengeWow! Today is the last day of the A-to-Z Challenge! I hope you enjoyed! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We posted everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 25~ Y is for Ytterbium

In science class, each of us our assigned an element to research and do a project on. Mary got Iodine, while I got Ytterbium (Yb)(It-ter-bee-um). 'What is Ytterbium?' you might ask. Well thats why I am here! Ytterbium is a bright, soft, silvery-white, extremely rare metal. It is not found naturally. Any ways it was founded in 1878 in Geneva, Switzerland by a man named 

Jean Charles Galissard. Ytterbium 

is a solid and very malleable and ductile

It has 70 electrons,70 protons and 104 

neutrons and the atomic weight is 

173.4. It was named after a small village in

Sweden called Ytterby.

(Sources: )

ASJKDFHDAF Did my teacher really have to give me one of the hardest ones? I'll take the challenge though! Anyways this is day twenty-five of the A-to-Z Challenge! Wow! Only one day left! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We will be posting everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page

Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 24~ X is for Xenon

Yes, x is for xenon. For those who don't know,  Xenon (Xe) is an element on the periodic table, with an atomic number of 54, and is one of the noble gases. In science, we are learning about atoms and atomic stucture. Today, we had to color in the different groups of the periodic table. I asked my friend for a green colored pencil. She handed me the pencil, titled "Peacock Green". Yeah, it turns out that peacock green, really isn't green, it's more of a blue-green, not quite turquoise, but not quite blue.

My science SOL is in about three weeks, and I'm kind of nervous, due to the fact that the science SOL isn't just about the stuff we learn in eighth grade. It's also on everything we learned in sixth and seventh grade. I'm going to need to hit the books soon! Has anyone ever had a test they were nervous about? I want to hear your stories so comment them down below :) and be sure to follow our blog!

~Mary Mac

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 23~ W is for Weekend Writing

So every so often my english teacher assigns us to write on the weekends, in which she creatively calls them "Weekend Writings". I decided to post the weekend writing I wrote today for fun, tell me what you think :) (sorry, it's a bit lengthy I suppose)

The newly birthed sun peeked through the branches of the slender evergreens that reached up and touched the sky. The warm light kissed my face as if it was wishing me a good morning, or perhaps congratulating me that I awoke to live another day. 12 days. That's all I have left to live. 12 more sunrises, 13 more sunsets. My chest tightened and shivers went up my spine at the thought of it. I tucked a strawberry blonde curl behind my ear. 

Yesterday had been a perfectly normal day. I was in the school yard playing with the shiny black and white soccer ball along with the other middle schoolers. All was fun and games, that is, until the giant ominous cloud appeared. It was the biggest and darkest storm cloud I have seen in the entirety of my life and was close in comparison to pitch black. Static electricity crackled within the boundaries of the cloud, causing it to flash to an electric blue. I never saw the cloud in the distance, or move towards us. Certainly I would have seen it, but this cloud just suddenly appeared above our heads out of thin air like a magic trick. The wind picked up and rain poured out of the sky. Leaves twirled around the black top like mini tornadoes. Teachers rushed around frantically trying to get every student inside. Mr. Ramirez yelled at me harshly to come inside. I tried to run over and join my classmates, but I could not bring my body to move. It refused to budge an inch. I gazed up at the sky in awe. I was suddenly engulfed in pure white light and a large ‘boom’ was released, silencing the rain, my screaming classmates and Mr. Ramirez.

I peeled my crusty eyelids away from each other and brought my eyes to focus after a few seconds. I looked around. I was in a completely white room with greek pillars and a cream marble floor. A man with chiseled features sat in a throne across from me. His muscles were so grand I wondered how it was humanly possible. His sun kissed skin was accented by a pure white toga. In his long salt and pepper hair was an olive branch wreath. HIs longish facial hair came down in long locks of curls that hid his chin and covered his mouth.

“It’s about time you woke,” The man said in his booming voice. “I had wished to wake you up a few hours ago with a shock, but my son Apollo advised not to. You silly mortals and dying.” He pointed to a young man with a gleaming mop of hair that resembled gold and let out a bellow that shook the whole room as if the thought humored him.

“Tea?” Apollo asked, holding up a white ceramic mug. 

“Wait,” I said through a confused daze. “Mortal, as in your immortal?” I questioned.

“Nice to see your catching on,” The man said with a smirk on his face. 

“And if Apollo is your son, then you must be-.“

“Zeus.” Zeus chimed in. “Indeed, I am almighty Zeus, god of lightning. Cassandra, I do believe I have a quest for you."

ASFHSAS I put literally no thought into it, and it took me 10 minutes to write, so I hope you enjoyed my lazy attempt to write. Anyways this is day twenty-three of the A-to-Z Challenge! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We will be posting everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page

Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 22~ V is for voodoo

Acupuncture is total voodoo, but it works! I recently found out that I have tendonitis in my elbow
because I use it to much. I have a tournament this weekend and my elbow was really hurting. My mom took me to acupuncture and now it feels twenty times better, and I was able to play today.
Some people are scared of acupuncture because of the needles, but the needles used in acupuncture aren't shot needles, and they barely pierce your skin! Anyone with pain should go to acupuncture. It is awesome. Have you ever had acupuncture. I want to hear your stories! Post them in the comments below. :-)
~Mary Mac

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 21~ U is for Unicorns

The world would be a much better place if we had unicorns! Need I say more?(<--- insert interrobang here, if you had seen my earlier post I is for interrobangs ;)) They are full of grace, beauty and power! And they have pretty awesome horns, you gotta admit. Does anyone agree with me? If I had a pet unicorn... never mind, that's probably not a good idea... the world would spontaneously combust or something. *Sigh* I am probably the reason why unicorns do not live on this earth (or so we think...) But seriously. Just look at the word unicorn... Unicorn... UNICORN... UNICORUNICORN so majestic and prettyful! IT EVEN HAS ONE LETTER FOR EVERY COLOR IN THE RAINBOW!
ASHFKSF I wanna pet unicorn :( Anyways this is day twenty-one  of the A-to-Z Challenge! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We will be posting everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 20~ T is for Toddler Time

Tomorrow in FACS class (family and consumer science) we get to take care of toddlers, ages two to
five, for an hour and a half. I have no hope for my group. My teacher put me in the game group, which means my group is in charge of the game we are going to play with the toddlers. That would be awesome and fun and all, except for the fact the I got made the leader of the group and the group is made of all annoying boys who have no manners and act up in class. I don't even have another girl in my group! Since I'm the leader, it means I'm responsible for all the work my group needs to get done, but the rest of my group, the annoying stupid boys, talk all class and joke around, and leave me to do all the work. And get this, when I don't have everything done by the end of class because I'm trying to do the work of four people, they get all mad at me and tell me that I'm the leader so I need to get anything done. But they won't listen or help, and they think that they can tell me I'm not doing a good job. If they screw something up tomorrow I'm going to lose it. I've tried everything except yelling at them because I'm not allowed to yell in class. Even my teacher thinks they are annoying and won't listen, because when I asked her for help she told me to do my best and hope for the best.
Have you ever had to work with people that you don't like? Comment your stories down below :)

~Mary Mac

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 19~ S is for scary

Yesterday afternoon was very strange. I heard some sort of yelling around 4ish. I thought nothing of it because it's probably one of those weird teenagers. About 20 minutes later I heard sirens and they stopped after a few seconds like they were just passing by. 10 minutes later I was getting my shoes on and getting ready to go to volley ball and my dad looked out the window and said "There is an ambulance out side of our neighbors house!" I got a closer look and there was a fire truck
and in my neighbors yard appeared to be a man laying there. There were medics by his side and a stretcher surfboard type thing on the lawn. I went outside to check it out and his hands were shaking. He happened to be my neighbor Bob who lives in that house. My dad went over and asked some lady about it. She said that she thinks he went for a walk and tripped and fell. I personally think he had a was electrocuted or had a 
Here you can see the surfboard
stretcher thing and his legs.
seizure. A seizure is probably my best bet. He had to wait 30 minutes for an ambulance to come from a different town because all of the ambulances from my town are out. They said they think he'll be fine yesterday, but I have yet to hear a thing today :(

ASFHJDKSGF I feel like if I investigated the strange sound he could of been saved at least a half an hour than he actually was... Anyways this is day nineteen of the A-to-Z Challenge! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We will be posting everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 18~ R is for Receiving Awards

Sorry for the late update, but I couldn't post it until today. You see, my civics teacher made our class
enter an essay contest about patriotism. At the time I didn't think much of it. About a month after I entered my essay in the contest, I got a letter addressed to me from a name I didn't recognize. I had my mom open it and read it. As she read the look on her face was one of curiousness. When I asked her if I could read it, she looked up at me with a glint in her eye. As I looked at it, my face lit up. I had won the essay contest for the county, and later, I found out that I had won all of my district, which is pretty big; Just saying ;) However my essay lost at the state level.

Today was the award ceremony for school, and the representative from the contest came and gave me my awards. He had a really big mustache, but he seemed pretty cool. I won $150 for winning the county and I won $250 for winning the district. However, I didn't know until I received it, that I had won the $250 dollars, I only knew about the $150. That was a huge surprise. I still have no idea what I'm going to spend my $400 dollars on. If you guys have any ideas put them down in the comments. Also comment and tell me if you've ever won anything :)

~Mary Mac

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 17~ Q is for Quack

So, I've been a bit busy lately and haven't had time to post, so I thought I'd post something random. We all have those random days eh? Moo ima pig and quack I have nothing else to say so heres a picture of a monkey riding a pig, Enjoy

ASHFDSG, sometimes I'd rather not be busy, yet when I'm not busy I'm bored... what a rough life ;) Anyways this is day seventeen of the A-to-Z Challenge! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We will be posting everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page

Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 16~ P is for Playing My Guitar

 If you guys don't already know, I play the guitar. I started playing a few months ago, and I love playing my guitar. I decided to name my guitar Chaz. Yes, you spell Chaz with a z. Some people spell it with an s (Chas) and it drives me crazy. And either way it looks so much cooler when it's spelled with a z. Just go with it.

Anyway, I made a special video for you guys of me playing my guitar. Hope you guys like it.  Here is the link. Click this for the link :)

What song should I learn how to play next? Put your suggestions in the comments. And follow our blog if you like our posts :)


~Mary Mac

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day~15 O is for Obsessions

I have this one friend who can never talk like a normal person. Instead, she goes through these 'obsession phases' where all she can do is talk about that obsession and nothing else. Even if you change the subject she somehow relates it back to her obsession.
Here is a few of her past obsessions:

  • The Hunger Games book
  • The twilight series
  • Sara~ she claimed there was a ghost that died and lived in her mind and told her what to do while forcing her to eat grapes to make her more powerful....
  • Catching fire and Mocking Jay (books)
  • youtubers (Which I am too ;))
And most recently

  • One direction
  • 5sos (5 seconds of summer)
Which is all she talks about, and frankly can get quite annoying. What's funny is she started listening to One direction while she had a concussion. She knows things about them such as their blood types and other things that are not 'G rated'. Recently while I was sick I started listening to 5sos.... I'm doomed.... The world is coming to an end....

ASHDKSHF I never thought I'd like a boy band.... I just can't.... Anyways this is day fifteen of the A-to-Z Challenge! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We will be posting everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 14~ N is for No Luvin' Girls Club

So, my brother (10 years old) and two of my boy "cousins" (they are really close family friends--6, and 4 years old) came up to me and my family one day when they were visiting and announced that they had made a club.  When asked what the club was they replied very nonchalantly, "It's the no luvin' girls club". 

You should probably know that all three of them think love is the grossest thing ever.  Seriously, you know when Han kissed Leia in Return of the Jedi?  All three of them hid under the blankets and chorus, "Ewwwwww! Grooooooss!" while everyone else was going, "Awwwww."

So anyway, we asked them what the rules of the club were. They were;
~You can't love girls
~No being friends with girls
~All girls will be referred to as gross and weird

Yeah, so my brother and my "cousins" are a little insane.  When my brother brings home a girl in a few years, I'm going to tell her all the stories about how he hated love and it's going to embarrass him, and he's going to deny it all.  Then, I'm just going to show the poor girl this post and my brother is going to be majorly embarrassed.  Haha evil big sister moment.

Does anyone else have a strange little brother?  I wanna hear your stories, so comment them down below.  And, as always, follow the blog if you like it :)

~ Mary Mac

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 13~ M is for Money $$$$

Do you know that saying: _______ Makes the world go 'round? You most have either heard 'Love' or my favorite 'Money'. Who says money can't buy happiness? It makes me happy to have it and to spend it! Usually if you don't have a lot of money, you struggle in life and are sad. :( When you have lots of money you are happy :) Children, this is why money is your friend (That made no sense but w/e)
ASDHFKAF I wish I had more money to buy video games with -_- Anyways this is day thirteen (Mine and Mary's favorite number, and our age :)) of the A-to-Z Challenge! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We will be posting everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page