Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 19~ S is for scary

Yesterday afternoon was very strange. I heard some sort of yelling around 4ish. I thought nothing of it because it's probably one of those weird teenagers. About 20 minutes later I heard sirens and they stopped after a few seconds like they were just passing by. 10 minutes later I was getting my shoes on and getting ready to go to volley ball and my dad looked out the window and said "There is an ambulance out side of our neighbors house!" I got a closer look and there was a fire truck
and in my neighbors yard appeared to be a man laying there. There were medics by his side and a stretcher surfboard type thing on the lawn. I went outside to check it out and his hands were shaking. He happened to be my neighbor Bob who lives in that house. My dad went over and asked some lady about it. She said that she thinks he went for a walk and tripped and fell. I personally think he had a was electrocuted or had a 
Here you can see the surfboard
stretcher thing and his legs.
seizure. A seizure is probably my best bet. He had to wait 30 minutes for an ambulance to come from a different town because all of the ambulances from my town are out. They said they think he'll be fine yesterday, but I have yet to hear a thing today :(

ASFHJDKSGF I feel like if I investigated the strange sound he could of been saved at least a half an hour than he actually was... Anyways this is day nineteen of the A-to-Z Challenge! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We will be posting everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page

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