Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 14~ N is for No Luvin' Girls Club

So, my brother (10 years old) and two of my boy "cousins" (they are really close family friends--6, and 4 years old) came up to me and my family one day when they were visiting and announced that they had made a club.  When asked what the club was they replied very nonchalantly, "It's the no luvin' girls club". 

You should probably know that all three of them think love is the grossest thing ever.  Seriously, you know when Han kissed Leia in Return of the Jedi?  All three of them hid under the blankets and chorus, "Ewwwwww! Grooooooss!" while everyone else was going, "Awwwww."

So anyway, we asked them what the rules of the club were. They were;
~You can't love girls
~No being friends with girls
~All girls will be referred to as gross and weird

Yeah, so my brother and my "cousins" are a little insane.  When my brother brings home a girl in a few years, I'm going to tell her all the stories about how he hated love and it's going to embarrass him, and he's going to deny it all.  Then, I'm just going to show the poor girl this post and my brother is going to be majorly embarrassed.  Haha evil big sister moment.

Does anyone else have a strange little brother?  I wanna hear your stories, so comment them down below.  And, as always, follow the blog if you like it :)

~ Mary Mac


  1. I don't have a strange little brother. But if I did, he'd have blue skin, yellow eyes, green hair, and speak Klingon.

    He'd probably be an avid Doctor Who fan, and that would make him pretty strange.

    And John is right: girls are gross and weird. They put on war paint and inject botulinum toxin into their faces in their quest to find a mate.

  2. My older brother has a weird little brother.

  3. Our younger son, who is a little brother and the 4 year old in your story above: Can I play with scissors?

    Dad: No.

    Younger son: Can I use scissors?

    Dad: No.

    Younger son: If a bad "mother" breaks into the house, steals all our toys, and traps you, mommy, and my brother, can I use the scissors to cut ropes?

    Dad: Yes, terrifyingly specific, but yes. And who are you, Samuel L. Jackson?

  4. I definitely have a weird little brother. And even after we're all grown up...he's still weird!

  5. That is so cute. When my son was about 10 yo, I made a bet with him that he'd like girls more than Nintendo when he was 18. I lost!