Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 25~ Y is for Ytterbium

In science class, each of us our assigned an element to research and do a project on. Mary got Iodine, while I got Ytterbium (Yb)(It-ter-bee-um). 'What is Ytterbium?' you might ask. Well thats why I am here! Ytterbium is a bright, soft, silvery-white, extremely rare metal. It is not found naturally. Any ways it was founded in 1878 in Geneva, Switzerland by a man named 

Jean Charles Galissard. Ytterbium 

is a solid and very malleable and ductile

It has 70 electrons,70 protons and 104 

neutrons and the atomic weight is 

173.4. It was named after a small village in

Sweden called Ytterby.

(Sources:http://www.chemicool.com/elements/ytterbium.html )

ASJKDFHDAF Did my teacher really have to give me one of the hardest ones? I'll take the challenge though! Anyways this is day twenty-five of the A-to-Z Challenge! Wow! Only one day left! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We will be posting everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page

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