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Day 2~ B is for Best Story Ever

Best Story Ever

So, in spectrum, me and a couple of my friends are working on a project where we have to write a play for the whole class. I'm the main character, YAY!. And, we are writing the story first, then scripting it. Here is a sneak peak. There is more to come later. Thanks to Meridith and Micaela for helping me edit this. 
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(A/U: P.O.V stand for point of view. This is part of chapter one.)

Kings Court (Princess P.O.V)
I ran across the grassy courtyard, trampling over flowers that hadn't yet bloomed with tears streaming down my face. I was angry, no, furious, with my mother. She had gone completely against my wishes and betrothed me to the prince from our rival kingdom. She believes that by him marrying me it will bring peace to our nations. I on the other hand, can't stand the thought of having to be married, let alone being married to that evil, obnoxious... well, you get the point. I'm what you would call a rebel. I'm the oldest daughter of Queen Chloe and King John and the heir to my parents throne. My mom and I don't quite get along. I'm not exactly the perfect doll faced princess that she expected me to be. I absolutely hate wearing dresses or anything that I can’t climb in, makeup is a no-no, and my views on marriage are not what she wants. She also thinks that since I'm the oldest I should be the smartest, the most diplomatic, you name it. Therefore, my little sisters, princesses Quinn and Shelby are her favorites. They are your average perfect princesses.
I finally got to where I was running to, the big oak tree outside the castle by the archery fields. It has perfect branches for climbing and enough leaves to hide me, but not enough to block the reading light. Also, there was nobody in the whole kingdom, except my one and only friend, who knew where this place was. I could hide here for years and not a soul would know where I was.
Just as I got my legs completely in the big oak, I heard voices coming closer. I moved higher in the tree, just in case they looked up and saw me. Not a minute, later I discovered who the voices belonged to, it was Prince Peter, my betrothed and someone in a long, black, hooded cloak. I held my breath and listened in to what they were saying.
“I have managed to convince the girls mother to betroth her to me, when do we commence the plan and how?” The prince said, looking around to make sure that no one was watching.
“I will send one of my most trusted agents, to do the dark deed, on the day of your wedding, after the ceremony when everyone will be together in one place, then the kingdom will be ours.” the hooded figure said, with an evil laugh at the end of her speech. And then they both walked away with evil smirks on their faces.
I clamped my hand over my mouth to stop myself from shrieking in shock. The dark deed! And the kingdom will be ours! That could only mean one thing, Prince Peter has a plan to kill me and my parents after the wedding when he would become heir to the throne, should I perish. I shut my eyes to prevent myself from crying. What am I supposed to do about it? I feel so weak and childish crying over this. I knew that I would have to make a plan and fast, because if the kingdom were to become Peter's then who knew what kind of terrible things would happen. I figured that the only way to prevent the disaster from happening would be to break off my engagement, but to do that I would need to have proof otherwise my mother wouldn't even hear me out. I slumped down in the tree and sobbed.
Then, I heard a voice, a familiar and friendly voice, calling me down from the tree. That voice belonged to my only friend, the chief knight, Noal. However, at the moment I didn't really want to get out of my hiding spot, so I didn't answer. I should have known, though, that he wouldn't let me get away with hiding from the world forever, because just seconds after he didn't get an answer, he climbed up the tree gracefully and sat down. When he saw my puffy eyes and sunken expression, he asked, “Mary, what's wrong?”
Lying to him wouldn't work because we had known each other for as long as I could remember. So I explained the situation to him, somehow managing to not burst into tears. After I finished talking we sat in silence for a few minutes, each of us thinking hard about what we were going to do to prevent Peter from taking the throne. Then, Noal said, “Maybe I could help you find proof, they have to have a double agent in the castle, probably in the king’s court, to feed them information and to be there after the wedding to kill you and your family. Also, you should probably learn how to defend yourself; I could teach you if you want.”
“You're a genius,” I said, “But, how are we going to spy on my father’s court, without being obvious, if the double agent finds out that we are spying, he or she will be sure to cover his tracks double the amount he or she originally would've. And, self-defense sounds like a good idea, but you know that my mom doesn't approve of anything that could even so slightly make me chip a nail, and if she found out that I actually had a friend, then she would lock me in my room forever.”
“You have a point,” he responded “Do you think that you could sneak out of your room for an hour or two in the middle of the night?” he asked.
“Yes I could, in fact I know a secret passage out of my room, but why? I asked.
“Because I was thinking that maybe we could do all of the secret training and spying at night when everyone is asleep and no one would be any the wiser.”
“Have I ever told you that you're the most insane person I've ever met?” I exclaimed, “I'm in”
“Good, then I'll meet you tonight outside of the royal kitchens at three in the morning.” Noal told me.
“Alright, see you then,” I responded. Then, we both jumped out of the tree and walked back to the castle.

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