Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 20~ T is for Toddler Time

Tomorrow in FACS class (family and consumer science) we get to take care of toddlers, ages two to
five, for an hour and a half. I have no hope for my group. My teacher put me in the game group, which means my group is in charge of the game we are going to play with the toddlers. That would be awesome and fun and all, except for the fact the I got made the leader of the group and the group is made of all annoying boys who have no manners and act up in class. I don't even have another girl in my group! Since I'm the leader, it means I'm responsible for all the work my group needs to get done, but the rest of my group, the annoying stupid boys, talk all class and joke around, and leave me to do all the work. And get this, when I don't have everything done by the end of class because I'm trying to do the work of four people, they get all mad at me and tell me that I'm the leader so I need to get anything done. But they won't listen or help, and they think that they can tell me I'm not doing a good job. If they screw something up tomorrow I'm going to lose it. I've tried everything except yelling at them because I'm not allowed to yell in class. Even my teacher thinks they are annoying and won't listen, because when I asked her for help she told me to do my best and hope for the best.
Have you ever had to work with people that you don't like? Comment your stories down below :)

~Mary Mac

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