Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 7~ G is for Guitars

Most people, when they see someone playing a guitar, it seems like it's so easy, and perfectly normal. Usually if you think such a thing, you most likely have never tried playing a guitar before. Although musicians may make it seem easy, or may say it's easy to play the guitar, but that also depends on their experience level and how often they practice. (Unless of course, your a musical prodigy) I started playing the guitar a few months ago, and it is so hard at first, and is still hard to this day, although more things come with ease, such as the movements, notes and chords. For a beginning guitarist, all I have to say, is it hurts your fingers like crazy, until you develop calluses. I have played the violin for approximately five years, and even though I had calluses from that, it hurt so much. I played for around eight hours a day. It all payed off and now I rarely feel any pain while playing. My father has been playing guitar for over 30 years, and has four Gibson Les Pauls at the moment I think. I have an Epiphone Les Paul (I absolutely love the sound of the Les Pauls since I grew up with them). I named her Lyric :) Mary too has been playing guitar for as long as I have and has a red Fender Stratocaster, who she named Chaz
"Lyric" Melody's Guitar
ASHFKSL I wish I were better at guitar, but I don't have much time :( Anyways this is day seven of the A-to-Z Challenge! Check the creators out here. Also, Click for our youtube trailer here and out instagram here. We will be posting everyday, except sunday, each with the first letter starting with the following letter of the alphabet. Thanks for reading today :) TTYL!
~Melody Page


  1. I've tried to learn before and my hands just do not work at all! lol I'm such a mess with this and piano though I can play (or used to it's been years) all sorts of others. Can definitely respect the talent of those who can play!

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.

    1. :) when I was younger I tried playing piano, guitar and a bunch of other instruments. Unfortunately I had the attention span of a gold fish....
      ~Melody Page

  2. At your age I learned to play the guitar - sadly at my age I've forgotten how to!
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe