Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eighth Grade Dance

So last friday, my school had our eighth grade dance. The theme for our dance was mardi gras, and when my friends and I showed up at the dance, the cafeteria was completly transformed from boring lunch room to amazing dancing room, They covered the walls in green, yellow, and purple streamers and there was a professional DJ and crazy lights everywhere. A lot of the grade showed up and it was pretty packed. I danced with a bunch of my friends, and we had a lot of fun.
In case you're wondering, I wore a coral, flowy, dress and white flat sandals. I even straightened my hair. My mom forced me to let her put makeup on me, because apparently makeup makes you look better, personally, I think it just made my eyelids look blue. Comment down below you dance stories, I would love to hear them. And as always, follow our blog if you like our posts. Thanks :)

~Mary Mac

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