Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My 8th Grade Speech

Enjoy :) It went extremely well if you're wondering! 
Where will I be in 20 years? Where… will I be in 20 years? Ask yourself that question. Where will you, be in 20 years. Like many of you here, I have the exact same answer. I have no clue. To be honest, unless you were a psychic or a time traveler, you should have no clue at all. For all I know, I could be the inventor of the newest flying car or the person who finds the cure for cancer, or even a clerk at a store. Life cannot simply travel in a straightforward path. No, it must confuse all of mankind, and go wherever it pleases, no matter how many obstacles lay up ahead. That’s just life.
       I wish I could have told myself that a few weeks ago. I went through this phase I like to call an existential crisis. In which I just sat and thought for hours on end. Where am I going to be in life when I grow older? Is it even possible I will be able to keep up with today’s world? By the end of it, I was beginning to question my own existence in this universe and the meaning of my own life.
       I realize now that I, as a person, was born into this world to accomplish one thing and one thing only. It’s something that everyone strives for, even you. Even if you don’t know your looking for it (and most people still haven’t found it) this goal that every human in existence dreams of, is to live a good life. In order live a good life, you don’t need to have all of the fancy and newest technologies, or make the most money in the world (although that could certainly contribute to it) the only way to do it, is to do what ever makes you happy.
       I understand now that the way our world is structured is to guide every individual to do something great and worthwhile. Success I’ve found is almost always the key to happiness, for most people. If you realize that all of a sudden you aren’t too fond off your life, just take a step back and enjoy the little things. Appreciate everything in your existence right now. Embrace your friends and your family and the whole world around you. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and we, as humans don’t take advantage of that.

       In 20 years, no I have no idea where I’ll be. I don’t know what I’ll do, or where I’ll go. Maybe I’ll still be finding myself in the world at 33, but one thing I do know, is I will be enjoying every last second of my life and hanging on to those moments that make me happy. Although it’s always easier said than done, one saying you’ve always heard and will always hear is, that’s life.

ASJHKF I've been so freaking busy lately, so I haven't had a chance to post. Hope you enjoyed :)
~Melody Page

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