Monday, June 9, 2014

BIg Announcement

I'm very proud to announce that next week, in celebration of the school year being over. Our blog will be having a book review week. This means that every day next week (including weekends) there will be a book review posted on our blog. Some of my friends have agreed to help me out and so we will also be having not one, but six guest writers joining our blog for the week.

I'm also sorry about how slow last month and this month have been compared to April, but please cut us some slack. It's been crazy studying for finals and the SOLS and we've been jam packed with homework and last minute projects. Expect more from us during the summer.

I myself am doing a book review for book review week so comment down below which book you guys think I should review, no promises though just in case I haven't read the book ;)

~Mary Mac

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