Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day One of Seven; Book Review Week

Alright to start the week off, here is Micaela's book review of Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. Read, enjoy, comment your thoughts. Now to Micaela's Review

~Mary Mac

 Little Women Book Review
By, Micaela W

My book review today will be on the classic known as Little Women. This book follows the March’s, a quant family of six throughout life’s adventure. This book takes place in New England as the American Civil War rages on. As Mr. March leaves to fight for the North he leaves his 4 daughters Meg, Beth, Jo, and Amy and their mother to fend on their own. And as with all families shenanigans ensue.

As with all hailed classics, Little Women has earned its title with lovely traits galore. The writing pace is not the best, but what it lacks in pace it gains in immersion. The dialogue can be humorous at times, and at others endearing, or even heartbreaking. The characters are relatable and full of different personalities. Although at times the story can get dull it is worth it to read through it. Reviews vary although a great number of them are positive, with it being a break out from the normal views of domestic living it was an inspiration for a generation of women. With all that it’s obvious why Little Women is adored by many and given such praise.

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