Saturday, March 22, 2014

Young Beliefs

I just realized that when I was younger, I had a lot of strange beliefs, so I made a list with most of them. Enjoy!

Stupid thing I used to think when I was little

  • I controlled the wind through my breathing
  • The moon followed me
  • Street/stop lights open up and midgets would climb inside and control it. (I used to ask my mom how people got up there)
  • Car turn signals worked by themselves
  • Black and white movies were filmed in black and white because the world had no color. 
  • When you lie or your mom 'thinks' your lying but your not and your mom says stick out your tongue and she's says "It's got a black dot, your lying." and I wold look in the mirror and say "Its not black!" and she'd say "Only I can see it."
  • Drinking and driving, I thought it meant all drinks and food
  • Evil monsters hide under my bed and try to grab my legs every time I get off
  • Peanut free zone- that everyone was allowed to eat peanuts and they were given out for free
  • I used to have to eat food in pairs so they wouldn't be alone and I couldn't leave one by its self un eatin because it would get lonely 
  • Stuffed animals could move and talk when I'm not around 
  • People would stand inside vending machines and get the stuff you wanted
  • Humans were toys and giants would play with us and we had no free will and the giants would control us
  • That everything in our lives were recorded by tiny cameras 
  • When you play patty-cake you mark it with a bee not a b for baby (like the stinger)
  • people born on leap years would only age every 4 yrs
  • that when i turn off the shower water I had to rush out because when the water would stop lightning would try to get me
  • An airplane will crash into your house unless you hold your breath
  • I made up the word munchkin and that it was like animal crackers but called munchkins
  • When I spun around, my house was 'magically' teleported to space
  • If I did a 360, left would change from right 
  • There was an alternate universe competition and I was always first.
I can't believe why I thought about this stuff when I was little, or why I believed it. ASDFGHJL. I'm hoping I wasn't the only one who thought this. Thanks for reading. TTYL
~Melody Page

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