Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sleepover Time!


So we are having a sleepover, and in case your wondering what girls do at sleepovers, we'll tell you.
~ Laugh A LOT
~ Talk about whatever comes to our minds, secrets and all.
~ Listen to music
~ Sing really loudly to said music.
~ Write our own music and sing that really loudly
~ Read/Write
~ Make YouTube videos.
~ Watch YouTube
~ In our case we blog!
~ Paint our nails (sometimes)
~ Watch movies.
~ Play games.
~ Sleep (haha lol not really)
~ Tell stories, funny, scary, romantic, whatever.
~ Daydream
~ One word; GOOGLE

Ya so that's what we are doing right now. Check out our blog again tomorrow for a vey special announcement. Thanks for reading! Comment down below what you do at sleepovers. Please follow us if you like our blog :)

~Mary Mac
~Melody Page

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