Monday, March 17, 2014

Earphone rant~ Happy St. Patricks day!

Isn't it a normal teenage thing to listen to music ALL the time? Well if it's not, I have a major problem with my life. Anyhow, I have a few "pet peeves" when I do listen to music with earphones:

Somehow, when I put my perfectly unknotted, untwisted, earphones down on a table, five seconds later when I go to pick them up agian, they have somehow managed to tie themselves in 27 different knots. #teenagerproblems 

When I put my earphones in my ears and I forget to plug them into my device. Basically my music just plays to the whole room I'm in. 

When your listening to music, and your ears start hurting because of your earphones.

When Pandora runs your battery down really quickly. 

When your earphones stop working in one ear.

When your earphones won't work unless you twist or move the wire around in odd fashions.

When your wearing earphones and you drop your device, so they rip out of your ears.

When you have your hands full and your device is next to you on the table, while you have earphones in, you have to try to stretch to where you want to go, so you don't pull it off the table, and you can still listen to music. ( I listen to music on my iPad, and there is usually no where to put it when I'm trying to put food in the fridge or something)

When you forget you have earphones in, while your device is on the table, so you just walk away... You can see how this ends.

These were just a few, out of the many problems I have with earphones. ASDFHJKL it's so annoying. Happy St. Patricks day! Apparently thats what I was supposed to write this post on, but all I can say about that, is wear green, my nationality is mostly Irish, and if your not wearing green, stay away from hands; you might get pinched! Thanks for reading! TTYL,
~Melody Page

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