Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gym Annoyances

Gym Girls

I'm one of those seriously competitive athletes who plays absolutely everything to win; rock paper scissors, to softball. So, the girls who do their hair in the middle of a game really annoy me (no offense meant). The other day I accidentally hit a girl on my team in the head with a basketball. She had her hands behind her head. In the heat of the game I didn't realize that she was doing her hair. So, when I passed it to her she kind of tried to jump out of the way, but she didn't quite get out of the way, and the basketball hit her. There's also those girls who just plain refuse to play, and it's kind of annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love playing extra, but just for the record, running around for an hour and a half non stop gets really exhausting, especially with no water breaks. Over the past few months I have gotten so used to playing non-stop in gym, that it doesn't phase me any more.Of course, not all girls are the type of girls who sit on the bench and whine about sweating, but my gym class only has about eight girls, so when four of them refuse to play it becomes problematic.


The other thing about gym that is annoying is that no one ever plays by the rules. One of my biggest pet peeves ever is when I'm (or my team's) playing a game totally fair and then the other person (or team) wins because they don't follow the rules. I've probably fouled many people in gym and it's gone unnoticed, but I don't purposely try to cheat or foul anyone. And if I do accidentally run into somebody who's taking a shot or something I always apologize. But, there are people who will literally shove people over (their team, or the opposing team) completely on purpose and never get caught, EVER. It is so annoying. Don't even get me started on double dribbling and traveling and not tagging up. Some people just refuse to follow rules. People not following the rules, especially people on my team, make playing a fair clean game very hard, and very frustrating.

Comment down below if you have experienced gym troubles and tell us what they are. We will respond :) Also follow our blog please! Thanks.

~Mary Mac

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